In the last four decades, there has been an increase in the prevalence of asthma and other allergic diseases. Although, there is no clear explanation for this rise, the “hygiene hypothesis” suggests that the increase is the result of improved hygiene and health care within industrialized societies.

It is believed that this decreased the incidence of childhood infections that would normally stimulate the immune system in a direction that would militate against asthma. Thus, with increasing westernization, less developed communities may follow this trend.

Factors operating very early in life may be particularly important in the acquisition of childhood asthma, whereas the development of atopic sensitization and hay fever may be affected by environmental factors occurring beyond infancy. However, environmental and lifestyle factors seem to be more important in the development of atopy and hay fever than of asthma.

In contrast to findings in industrialized countries where atopy is recognized as an important trigger and suspected in the etiology for asthma, it may be less of a factor in the expression of asthma in developing countries.

Since the relative roles of genes, sensitivity to allergens, and environmental exposures in modulating asthma course in Nigeria is unclear, and there is no credible information about asthma prevalence and its impact on quality of life in Nigeria, we are interested in understanding the impact of asthma in urban and rural areas in Nigeria while exploring the interaction between genetics and environment in the manifestation of asthma.

Health Life for All Foundation by virtue of our interest in scientific inquiry and capacity building through collaborative research that is beneficial to the health care delivery system is again positioned to improve our understanding of asthma and approach to treatment.



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