Malaria and HIV/AIDS

In isolation, malaria is a global threat that accounts for substantial losses both in terms of economics and lives lost in Sub-Saharan Africa and Nigeria. Malaria causes over 300 million acute cases annually with over 1 million deaths yearly in the Sub Saharan region.

The most vulnerable are the very young and pregnant women. Malaria is also a threat to people who suffer from sickle cell disease by worsening preexisting hemolysis of the red blood cells, a finding that characterize the disease.

An even greater threat to Sub-Saharan Africa, is the increasing prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the same geographical areas where malaria is endemic and sickle cell disease is rampant.

Current estimates indicate that there are over 25 million cases of HIV infection in Sub-Saharan Africa, accounting for over 60% of the global burden of HIV/AIDS. The combination is lethal because HIV infection impairs immunity to malaria, while malaria infection activates immune function, which may also promote HIV replication and infection.

Sadly, treatment directed at HIV/AIDS also has the potential to cause malaria treatment failure. Hence, we face the precarious situation where the combination of HIV/AIDS and malaria infection has potential devastating effects.

With the fragile health care delivery system and widespread poverty in Sub Saharan Africa, there is an urgent need for action to ensure that the carnage due to co-infection with HIV/AIDS and malaria is curtailed or stopped.

Health Life for all Foundation through established scientific and collaborative research; ability to educate and train medical personnel, public health practitioners and the populace through workshops and advocacy programs is well positioned to make a substantial difference in stemming the potential threat of malaria and HIV/AIDS.


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